A Call to Action for Liberty-Minded People in New York State

A Call to Action for Liberty-Minded People in New York State

We have a unique opportunity for liberty in New York State. Andrew Cuomo is out of office and interim Governor Kathy Hochul has shown us that she is an authoritarian at heart. She has been pushing mask mandates, and many sheriffs around the state of New York have already expressed that they have no intent on enforcing them. But here’s the problem:

Kathy Hochul acknowledged this, and she blamed it on localities not having the funds to enforce. What this means is that she may begin incentivizing (some people would call it bribing) local officials with state funds in exchange for enforcing her terrible mandates.

Nobody wants people to get sick and die. Many Libertarians chose to get vaccinated because they felt it was a healthy choice for themselves. Others choose to wear masks because they believe it makes people safer, or that it helps people feel safer. Others made different choices. The issue is with government mandating what we must do with our own bodies.

How you can help:

  1. If you are in New York State, contact your local sheriff’s office, along with one or two other offices nearby, and let them know how you feel. Be nice, respectful, and persuasive. Just leave a voicemail or send an email or message through their website. You can find contact information by Googling your county’s website and “sheriff.” It’s easiest to start at one of these places, but know that some phone numbers are incorrect:
    1. https://nysheriffs.org/sheriffs/
    2. https://scoc.ny.gov/sheriffsaddre.htm
  2. If you are not in New York State, then start by contacting the sheriffs in New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. They are most likely to enforce the mandates. Then contact one or two sheriffs upstate too. Encourage noncompliant sheriffs to stay strong, and ask others to reconsider. Be nice. You can find a mask mandate tracker here:
    1. https://lpny.org/mask-mandate-enforcement-tracker/
  3. If you are feeling energetic, then repeat this process with district attorneys across the state too. You can find a list here:
    1. Contact your local DA: https://www.nypti.org/new-york-district-attorneys/
    2. Leave a note with the AG: https://ag.ny.gov/contact-attorney-general-letitia-james
  4. Have you signed the Liberty Kin pledge? It takes 1 minute and we’ll know who our strongest advocates are, so that we can get you information like what you see here.
    1. https://libertykin.com/pledge/ 

Our website is a work in progress. If we see enough interest among the most liberty-oriented members of our community, we’ll do more. A lot more. If you’re so inclined, please share a link to our website on your social media pages or blog if you have one, along with the information in this email. Let’s make an impact, starting with New York State.

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